Hospitals are faced with increasing challenges as their bottom lines continue to be squeezed by lower medical reimbursements, health care reform, and double-digit prescription rate increases.  As hospital leadership looks for ways to save money, pharmacy is increasingly becoming a place to focus.  According to H&HN Research, pharmacies make up 10-20% of a hospital’s operating budget and with the increase in ability to provide generic prescriptions, potential for 340b drug pricing, and leveraging the use of outpatient pharmacies for employee prescriptions; leaders can see significant savings.

For self-insured hospitals, there are significant savings for each prescription picked up from your own outpatient pharmacy.  The challenge is that outpatient pharmacies are often inconvenient due to limited hours of operation and long lines.  As such, if your pharmacies can entice your employees, particularly those working the 2nd and 3rd shift, to utilize your own outpatient pharmacies rather than retail pharmacies, you can not only capture co-pay revenue, but also recognize a significant savings.

  • Increase employee/dependent prescription revenue
  • Reduce PBM costs
  • Capture 2nd and 3rd shift employee prescriptions
  • Eliminate long lines or wait times to better service discharge patients
  • Extend pharmacy hours without additional staff
  • Improve employee satisfaction

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What Our Customers are Saying

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CASE STUDY – Hackensack Meridian Health has saved more than $1.1 Million by implementing the ScriptCenter prescription pickup program

More and more hospitals are uncovering the costs associated with their employees using ‘outside’ retail pharmacies. For Hackensack Meridian Health, the difference, or PBM spread, was nearly $50 for a prescription filled at the pharmacy and more than $100 per prescription filled through mail-order! Hackensack Meridian Health quickly realized the potential savings of bringing in prescriptions that were filled externally, but there were challenges getting prescriptions in the hands of their employees, especially those who work second and third shift. To solve this problem, Hackensack Meridian Health, a hospital and health care system in New Jersey, implemented ScriptCenter kiosks for 24/7 prescription and OTC pickup.

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CASE STUDY – 300+ Bed Hospital Expands Meds to Beds Discharge Program with ScriptCenter

In order to maximize PBM savings, the hospital required employees to use the in-house pharmacy for their prescriptions. The PBM savings program was such a success, that the pharmacy simply couldn’t keep up with the prescription demand. The hospital received complaints about the long pharmacy lines and hundreds of discharged patients were walking out the door without filling their prescriptions at the hospital’s outpatient pharmacy. Although the financial benefits of filling large
number of employee prescriptions were great, the pharmacy was not able to adequately service both employee and discharged patients. The hospital implemented ScriptCenter to move the employee prescriptions away from the pharmacy counter. Since the implementation of ScriptCenter, the pharmacy staff has been able to introduce their bedside delivery
program to 4 hospital units.

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CASE STUDY – Berkshire Health System Reports 70% Employee Prescription Capture Assisted by Asteres ScriptCenter

“In 2010, we opened our employee pharmacy as part of our comprehensive ‘Wellness at Work’ plan to offer better health services to our 3,500 employees and at the same time save money,” said Darlene Rodowicz, Chief Financial Officer. “We soon realized we needed a convenient yet cost effective way to capture 2nd and 3rd shift employees and ScriptCenter has exceeded our expectations in doing so.”

Interview with Bob Schenk from Meridian Health: The ScriptCenter Advantage

“I have personally spoken to many employees who feel that the installation of ScriptCenter is an indication that the Hospital Administration cares about them and their needs.” – Director of Pharmacy, Meridian Health

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Rush University Medical Center

During fiscal year (FY17), ScriptCenter delivered nearly 6,000 prescriptions (12% of total retail pharmacy volume) for over 300 RUMC employees of which over 1/3 were during non-operating hours!

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WellSpan Health System

“As health care continues to evolve, solutions like ScriptCenter are only going to become more and more necessary as the demand for maintaining cost control without disadvantaging the quality of patient care increases.” Director of Pharmacy, WellSpan Health

Berkshire Health System
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Berkshire Health System

“The choice to go with Asteres was easy; they are at the forefront of this type of prescription delivery system. ScriptCenter was exactly what we needed to fulfill our needs and has gone above and beyond our goals in achieving this.” – Pharmacy Manager, Berkshire Health

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Guthrie Health

“Adding our Leader brand OTC’s is a big benefit to our employees and clinic patients. Our employees really appreciate the convenience of picking up their prescriptions and OTC’s on all shifts. The ER can now send patients to ScriptCenter saving them an extra trip to the store. Making OTC items available 24/7 for our staff and clinic patients just makes sense.” – Director of Pharmacy, Guthrie Health

Product Spotlight: BHS
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Product Spotlight: Berkshire Health System

“The concept of an automated prescription pickup kiosk was immediately attractive as an alternative to the untenable model of a 24/7 retail pharmacy operation for our employees.” – Director of Pharmacy, Berkshire Health System