Quote   With ScriptCenter, our VA was able to reduce wait times by 17% while increasing pharmacy and patient satisfaction.

The Dwight D. Eisenhower VA Medical Center, Leavenworth, KS   End Quote


Asteres ScriptCenter express prescription pickup can be located anywhere on site to give Veterans access to their prescriptions 24/7 in the locations they frequent most.   ScriptCenter interfaces with Vista and ScriptPro to ensure a seamless implementation in your facility.   We are currently installed in several VA locations providing secure prescription pickup for Veterans.

Domiciliary or Residential Treatment Patients

Transfer prescriptions from your ‘window’ queue to reduce wait times when you deliver prescriptions directly to DOM patients through ScriptCenter.

  • Reduce ‘window’ wait times
  • Improve domiciliary pharmacy service functions
  • Create convenient pickup locations
  • Utilize pharmacy staff in multiple locations

Veterans Picking Up New and Refill Prescriptions

Allow your Veterans to make better use of any wait times by getting labs or other services completed, then picking up prescriptions from ScriptCenter without waiting in line again.

  • 24/7 prescription pickup
  • Reduce pharmacy congestion
  • Improve staff efficiency
  • Service ‘do not mail’ patients

Discharge Patients

Partner with nursing at your VA Medical Center to ensure Veterans leaving your facility do so with all the prescriptions needed for the best possible care and improved outcomes.

  • Help inpatient workflow with outpatient functionality
  • Assist with discharges occuring late in the day
  • Increase patient care by ensuring Veterans leave with their prescriptions

VA Case Study
Download Case Study
[PDF: 375KB]

CASE STUDY – The Dwight D. Eisenhower VA Medical Center, Leavenworth, Kansas

“More than 50 domiciliary patients avoid the pharmacy line every day by picking up their 7 day prescription supply from ScriptCenter. By transitioning the pickup of these prescriptions from the counter to the domiciliary, the VA was able to reduce their wait times by 17% while increasing pharmacy and patient satisfaction.”

VA Case Study
Download Case Study
[PDF: 220KB]

CASE STUDY – Veterans Affairs ScriptCenter Case Study

“A Veterans Affairs domiciliary outpatient pharmacy that fills 500 prescriptions per day was having a hard time keeping up with the workload. The pharmacy staff was trying to keep up with the high volume of prescriptions and nursing staff was taking multiple trips to the pharmacy to pick up patient medications. ScriptCenter 24/7 prescription pickup was installed in the domiciliary to reduce pharmacy pickup window traffic and improve patient satisfaction by allowing Veterans to pick up their prescriptions and medical supplies without waiting in line (even after pharmacy hours).

“Pharmacy lines are shorter, patient satisfaction and compliance is improved, and with ScriptCenter we are able to safely and securely transition patients into a lifestyle of self-care and personal responsibility.” – Associate Chief of Pharmacy Operations.”