Place items in MX containers
Place items in MX containers (3 sizes available)
MX has up to 8 shelves housing a maximum of 560 slots. The shelf type and quantity can be configured to meet the demands of your particular location. From prescriptions to vitamins, from OTC’s to razor blades, the MX unit can manage and deliver any combination of products. To prepare items for delivery, the items are gathered and placed into one of three sized containers. Multiple items can be placed into one container as long as they are for the same order. The MX containers area produced by and ordered from Asteres.
Link items to containers with bar-code scanner
Link items to containers with bar-code scanner
Depending on the types of products being prepared for delivery, the pharmacy, GM clerk, or other personnel log in to AsteresCentral®, a web-based browser used to interact with the MX unit. Personnel can log in using an ID and Password or fingerprint scan for quick and easy access. Using AsteresCentral, items are linked to the container using a bar-code scanner. AsteresCentral is the hub for managing MX items and where reports are run and viewed. Sample reports include inventory, inventory values, activity reports, and photo/signature audit trails.
Login to MX
Log in to MX using fingerprint and PIN or biometric fingerprint
After completing the linking process the items are transported to the MX unit. This may be at the location where the items were prepared or in a separate building more frequently visited by your patients. A hub and spoke approach may be used where items are prepared at one location and dropped off to numerous MX sites. Personnel access either the front or back of the MX with an ID and PIN or fingerprint scan. The MX tracks all activity for up to the minute reporting on who has accessed the unit and what items were handled.
Load items
Load items anywhere within ScriptCenter MX
Items are loaded into ScriptCenter MX one at a time in any available slot or in batches by sliding in trays. As long as items are placed in the appropriate sized slot (small or large), it does not matter where it is placed. The MX will locate any item, anywhere, to deliver to patients. The MX also uses sophisticated firmware algorithms to move and organize items. Containers part of the same order will be moved next to one another for speedy delivery and items are moved within the system to prepare for optimal loading. The MX will only inventory items that have been added or moved within the system, quickly returning to its ready state.

Once items are loaded into MX, patients receive a text and/or email notification to pick up their items anytime. The MX can accommodate the need for patients to log in with their ID and PIN for frequent use, use a Claim Check for single use or simply shop for OTC’s and other wellness items. MX interfaces with your current systems to always display real-time product and pricing information. Patients pay at MX with a credit, debit, or FSA card. ScriptCenter MX can also interface with your current systems to offer payroll deduction, loyalty club information, product alerts and pharmacy services such as order refills or automatic payment. The MX also offers marketing opportunities such as on-screen surveys and configurable printed coupons. All customer pickups are recorded with a photo and signature captured for added security. Any items left behind in the bin are captured into a secure compartment accessible only by designated personnel.