ScriptCenter MX is at the center of the automated pickup and payment solutions delivered by Asteres to provide convenient and secure access to prescriptions and OTC items. Using ScriptCenter MX, the pharmacy staff maintains the control of filling and checking prescriptions, while the kiosk takes care of tasks associated with payment and pickup. Everyone benefits when your pharmacy staff can focus more on patient counseling and other clinical pharmacy services.

ScriptCenter MX addresses the challenge of reliably managing hundreds of patient prescriptions and other items of varying size, shape and weight. ScriptCenter MX is configured with 5 to 8 shelves to accommodate your prescription volume. The system uses barcode technology to allow for single or batch loading of three different size containers. ScriptCenter MX incorporates numerous privacy and security measures, including fingerprint scanning technology; privacy-enhancing industrial design; and camera and signature-capture devices.

Asteres has successfully developed an architecture enabling communication with all of the major outpatient pharmacy systems as well as a variety of ancillary systems, such as signature capture repositories, integrated voice recognition (IVR) engines, and payroll deduction systems. ScriptCenter MX addresses a complex spectrum of payment options including card-based payment, prepayment, and employee payroll deduction. Our experienced team will work with you to determine what configuration works best for you to ensure optimal usage of the ScriptCenter MX system.

How it Works  Specifications

General Features

  • Maximum capacity 560 slots
  • Multiple prescriptions per container capabilities
  • Front and rear staff access for item load/unload
  • Individual and batch random load of items
  • Biometric identification
  • Photo & signature capture
  • Detailed reporting for 100% audit trail
  • Language options: English/Spanish

Marketing Opportunities

  • Screen promotions
  • Customized surveys
  • Printed receipts & coupons

Pharmacy Features

  • Automated return to stock
  • Integrated prescription drop-off slot
  • Video consult & ID verification capabilities
  • Ability to place items ‘on hold’ for pharmacy consultation
  • Integrates to pharmacy management system

User Interface & Payment

  • Consumer driven enrollment at kiosk or online
  • for account management
  • ‘Claim Checks’ for single use/discharge patients
  • Family linking
  • Patient notifications via text and/or email
  • Payment options: credit, debit, and FSA cards as well as payroll deduction options