More on Safety and Security

Asteres provides solutions with configurable safety and security features to meet specific State Board of Pharmacy and location requirements.



Barcode Scanning Technology

Asteres uses sophisticated barcode scanning technology to ensure the correct prescription is delivered to the correct patient every time. All prescriptions are filled and verified by a licensed pharmacist and then ScriptLinked® to a barcoded container or label. Each prescription is tracked and monitored real-time in ScriptCenter for 100% tracking.

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Video Consult for Face to Face Counseling

 Depending on specific State Board of Pharmacy requirements, each ScriptCenter is equipped with face to face Video Consult capabilities. Video Consult allows patients to speak real-time through a direct connection with a licensed pharmacist for counseling or additional questions. Video Consult comes with the ability to set up ‘tiers’ and ‘roll over’ pharmacist calls to accommodate 24/7 counseling requirements.

Hold and Release

Prescriptions that require counseling or any prescription a pharmacist may want to speak with a patient about, is put ‘On Hold’ in AsteresCentral®, the web based application that lives in the pharmacy, and allows pharmacy staff to manage ScriptCenter. All ‘On Hold’ prescriptions are loaded into ScriptCenter as usual, but are ‘locked’ from pickup until the patient speaks with a licensed pharmacist. After speaking with a pharmacist, prescriptions are ‘released’ by the pharmacist remotely in AsteresCentral for the patient to pick up at their convenience.

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Photo and Signature Capture for Every Pickup

A photo and signature is captured for every pickup. A report may be viewed, configured and printed from AsteresCentral anytime in the pharmacy. Photos are also captured at ScriptCenter of pharmacy staff during the loading process.

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ID Verify for Controlled Substances

ScriptCenter is equipped with ID Verify technology for real-time ID verification for controlled substances or any item requiring ID verification. Patients are instructed to put their ID on the scanner for pharmacy staff to review and compare the photo of the patient with ID photo and information. Pharmacy staff has the option to approve or deny based on what they see. Patients whose ID Verify is ‘denied’ will not be able to pick up their items.

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Ensuring Positive Identification

Asteres uses a multiple checks to ensure positive identification for both pharmacy staff and patient access. Patients have the option to create a User ID and PIN or use their fingerprint and PIN to log in to their shopping cart. Pharmacy staff uses an ID and password or fingerprint to access AsteresCentral and ScriptCenter for loading and management purposes. Pharmacy managers may access reports in AsteresCentral to review and monitor ScriptCenter access at anytime.

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