QuoteWe are giving patients an alternate way to pick up their medications. A lot of the time, customers can only come to the pharmacy during their lunch hours or after work, and that can be a hassle. Now, they have the option to come over whenever is good for them.

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ScriptCenter offers service members, retirees and beneficiaries an alternative prescription pickup location to reduce lines and free up pharmacy staff. Asteres holds a current USAF ATO/ATC accreditation at the MAC III Sensitive level for the ScriptCenter system. The accreditation allows ScriptCenter to be connected to the AF-GiG (or to continue to be used in ‘Standalone-mode’) and can be used as a model for other service branches’ local ATO process.

How it works:
1) Prescriptions ordered through AudioCare and ScriptCenter selected as pickup location
2) Prescriptions filled and verified as usual in the pharmacy
3) Prescriptons securely transported and loaded into ScriptCenter
4) Service members, retirees, and beneficiaries pick up anytime

The ScriptCenter solution allows pharmacies to:

  • Create remote pharmacy locations
  • Extend pharmacy hours without additional staff
  • Maximize pharmacy efficiency
  • Improve patient experience

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Download Brochure [PDF: 851KB]

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