QuoteWe are giving patients an alternate way to pick up their medications. A lot of the time, customers can only come to the pharmacy during their lunch hours or after work, and that can be a hassle. Now, they have the option to come over whenever is good for them.

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ScriptCenter offers patients a faster way to drop off and pick up their prescriptions, even when the pharmacy is closed. First-time patients undergo a simple one-time enrollment to create their unique ID and PIN. Following enrollment, ScriptCenter is as easy as an ATM. For patients who seek a pharmacy consultation after hours, the receipt includes a phone number to reach a pharmacist at your base.
Locate our products anywhere on base to give your patients access to their prescriptions where they frequent most… BX, PX, Commissary, etc. This will reduce congestion in your pharmacy and free up time for your pharmacy personnel.

  • Reduce pharmacy congestion
  • Extend pharmacy pick up hours without additional labor
  • Service patients anywhere
  • Free up pharmacy personnel

Product features to maximize prescription delivery efficiency on your base:

  • Individual and batch tray Rx loading
  • Biometric access
  • Automated return to stock for non compliant medications
  • Capacity and features configurable by location

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