ScriptCenter Prescription Pickup

ScriptCenter offers patients a faster way to pick up and pay for prescriptions, even after hours when the pharmacy is closed. There are two ways to use ScriptCenter; patients who will be regular users undergo a simple one-time enrollment to create a User ID and PIN or they may be one time users and receive a Claim Check. This video demonstrates a prescription pickup using a User ID and PIN.


ScriptLocker is a configurable auxiliary product attached to ScriptCenter for oversized item storage, payment and pickup. Cooler boxes and cold packs can also be used in conjunction with ScriptLocker for items requiring refrigeration (temperatures remain cold for 10-12 hours). Configurable locker columns are available including 6, 9, or 12 door options. Multiple ScriptLocker columns can be purchased to meet your program requirements.

ScriptCenter Loading

This video demonstrates how pharmacy staff logs into ScriptCenter and accesses the inside of the kiosk for prescription loading. ScriptCenter can be loaded from the front or the back. Using ScriptCenter’s sophisticated bar-code technology, one or multiple prescriptions can be loaded quickly and safely anywhere in the system.

ScriptCenter Technology

ScriptCenter uses bar-code technology to track prescriptions within the system. The system can be configured with 5 to 8 shelves depending on your prescription volume needs. This video shows the robotics within the system scanning, moving and tracking prescriptions. It also shows how expired prescriptions are automatically moved to the unload tray until they can be returned to stock.

ScriptCenter ScriptLink

Prescriptions are linked to ScriptCenter containers using ScriptLink functionality at AsteresCentral which is accessed on the browser in the pharmacy system. The bar-code is scanned on both the prescription and the container to complete the ScriptLink process. One or multiple prescriptions may be linked to one of three sized containers.

ScriptCenter Video Consult

Asteres offers a variety of solutions to meet your counseling needs. One option is through ScriptCenter’s Video Consult where prescriptions are placed on hold by the pharmacy until counseling occurs. Counseling is done through a two-way communication at ScriptCenter using a telephone receiver and video link.